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Dual Cartridge Alignment Experiment

Re: Dual Cartridge Alignment Experiment

Postby tmazz » Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:48 am

Back when I had a Thorens TT it cam with an plastic alignment jig that worked pretty much in the same way asto one you built. Youo are right it did say a lot of time and trouble taking the arm wand on and off to make an adjustment that was basically a guess. The jig allowed me to do it in one shot with the wand out of the arm.

Image Image

Now I have an SME IV which has fixed mounting holes that require you to put the cart in only one place and then pretty much move the arm itself around to do the alignment. (As crazy as it sounds the whole arm is designed around doing just that and the system actually allows to to make very small precise adjustments without much effort at all, but it just sounds insane when you talk about it.)
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Re: Dual Cartridge Alignment Experiment

Postby bauzace50 » Wed Jun 14, 2017 6:37 am

Sliding the cartridge around in the headshell, AND accidentally sliding it while tightening its hardware was my bane with my ex-Rega tonearm.

Now I just fix the cartridge securely in my SME 309 headshell, and just slide the Tonearm easily (and predictably) into alignment.

I prefer the SME method for ease and predictability.
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