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Canare Treat For The Dual

Canare Treat For The Dual

Postby DaveyW » Mon May 23, 2016 8:19 pm

After the success of re-wiring the Dual tonearm I was left thinking that the relatively basic interconnect was now the weakest link, especially as it was a two metre item bought when it needed to be that long, but no longer.

So I've been doing a bit of eBay watching, looking for something similar to the Canare Starquad cable recently put to such impressive use on the Linn.

On Saturday I lucked out on this Canare GS-6 item which arrived amazingly quickly today.



The cable is principally designed for Guitar and Keyboard stage & studio application, but the spec (see here) does hang together for domestic audio.

Now duly installed and sounding very nice.

Again subtlety is the order of the day in terms of difference, but a similar benefit is present when listening with the Shure M97xE/SAS combo.
A welcome bigger, yet solid bottom end and a more open overall presentation - Very Nice! :cans

A final tweak to the 1219 which is now as fettled as I want to take it.

In fact, that's about it now on the whole rig.
Can't think of anything I want to tweak or experiment with.

Guess I might be coming to the end of my Hi-Fi voyage of discovery after numerous upgrades following acquiring my folk's old Radiogram 40 years ago.

It's been a most enjoyable journey and an even more enjoyable end result.
Listening here in the Den with a big fat smile on my face :mrgreen:

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Re: Canare Treat For The Dual

Postby bauzace50 » Tue May 24, 2016 5:22 am

That is substantially significant.
And the linked product description and specs are very interesting!
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